The latest Sargent/Paget historical mystery–The Love for Three Oranges–is now available! Go to the BOOK LIST page to check out the book trailer and order your copy today!

First Review of “Oranges”: “Wonderful atmospheric old Venice with its winter fogs and crumbling palazzos with hidden windows looking out at the murky waters! The Love for Three Oranges is told in alternating chapters set in the dysfunctional family of the 18th-century playwright and frustrated lover Carlo Gozzi, and in 1879, in that same palazzo, where the artist John Singer Sargent and his dear friend from childhood, the free thinking Violet Paget, are invited for a visit and find a murder has been committed….a poor maid has been killed and thrown in the Rio, one of the small snaking canals that runs through the city. And you must read to the very end which is a great delight to find out how and who and for what reason. The first chapter begins, “The streets of Venice were black with rain…” The novel mingles profound thoughts about human nature with a tone both playful and darkly mysterious.” –Stephanie Cowell, Claude & Camille: A Novel of Monet; Marrying Mozart; The Physician of London

Historical fiction thrills me. It’s where I live, especially when writing it. Many authors will tell you that once you’re really into writing a book, the characters take over–you just write down what they’re telling you. This happens a lot, especially with characters I write about more than once, like John Singer Sargent and Violet Paget. Their lives and thoughts and challenges are so interesting I can’t resist writing their stories!

When I write Biblical fiction, there’s an added layer of Time and Eternity talking to each other–the characters on earth, living their lives, and their interaction with G-d, angels, other spiritual beings. There are windows into Eternity that open up from this time-bound earth we live on, and the glimpses of the eternal verities, seen sometimes in a flash of light in the dark of night, are awe-inspiring.

And finally, there’s Literary fiction. I feel the most “writerly” when I’m creating a story from pure air, people who come from somewhere deep inside me, touched and formed by all the people I’ve met and loved and despised and wondered about throughout my life. Their stories grow organically–I never know how a novel I’m writing is going to end up until I get to the last page.

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