New novel released on March 1st:
Of Ripeness & The River

A lovely review for my latest novel…

“In Of Ripeness & the River, Mary Burns moves us back and forward in time seamlessly with language that is at once lush and fresh. This is a story of a woman finding her voice through time but it is also the story of time itself, a tale of the interconnectedness of all things–history, loss, love, living and death, second chances. Two rivers flow timelessly and the midwestern plains sing in the background of this novel that is also grounded in the stories of Jack London and his life and writing. This book is a great read.” — Valarie Hastings, author of Searching for Dandelion Greens

My latest novel, Of Ripeness & The River, started out as an Alternative Fictional Autobiography, and as I wrote, it became so much more than just a story about what my life might have been if, for example, I hadn’t stayed in San Francisco in 1976, but had returned home after a short time. The characters—who are (and are not) based on me, my friends, the places I lived, the books I read, the poetry I wrote—gradually had their own stories to tell, and I had to relinquish my hold, however tenuous, on their lives. Readers who know anything about me will find some things they know to be true, but I hope that readers who don’t know me will find things in the story that they know to be true for themselves.

So, in the French style, it’s a Roman à Clef (a “story with a key”) that has a fictional veneer over a tale of real people and events—the key, apparently, is the “relationship” between the fictional and the non-fictional, which for this novel, I think, is the power of imagination let loose into the Past to dream and to wonder.

The art of fiction is the art of telling truths, whether they happened to you or not.

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